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Winner of "Best Show Host" at KKBOX Podcast Awards (2021); Finalist at Excellent Journalism Award (2020); Producer of Taiwan's first audio documentary podcast.

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熱血的島 | 新時代的音波


#知識 #改變 #突破 #創意 #連結

鬼島之音是一個優質兼具國際視野的中英文 podcast 內容平台,專門創作及尋找獨特、同時正在改變世界的聲音。

The Taiwan Take

Co-Founders 創辦人

Emily Y. Wu, CEO | 吳怡慈 - 執行長

Cathy Hsu, COO | 許蓓真 - 營運長

Show Hosts 節目主持
Nate Maynard, 李菁琪律師 Zoe Lee,
JR Wu, 林昶佐 Freddy Lim, Emily Y. Wu, 大使夫人 Jeane Huang, Cathy Hsu, Doreen Wang

GIM Team 鬼島團隊
Yu-Chen Lai, Trevor Liu, Elise Chan | Production
Dino Lin | Audio Editing

台灣國際紀錄片影展(Taiwan International Film Festival), Taiwanren, BiteSized Taiwanese, 出塊 True Crime, 台客共歌劇

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On the Right Side of the Ambassador

鬼島之音最新節目《別叫我大使夫人》由,先生曾任台灣駐外使節、擁有 20 多年外交資歷的「大使夫人」Jeane 與「鬼島之音」凱西共同主持,透過大使夫人的生涯經歷和所見所聞,一步步揭開外交界的神秘面紗,讓你越聽越上癮。除了大使夫人這個國際事務角色,Jeane 也關注文化領域,在自己的職業生涯裡,長期投入台灣文化的推廣,在電影界、音樂界、藝術界也是幕後的隱藏推手。


Our brand-new Mandarin podcast on diplomacy and soft power from the perspective of an ambassador’s spouse. Hosted by Jeane Huang and Cathy Hsu, cofounder of Ghost Island Media and producer of the award-winning podcast, "In the Weeds 大麻煩不煩“

For 20+ years, Jeane had the important - but often glamorized and misunderstood - role of the Ambassador’s Wife. We go behind the scenes to hear first hand what it meant to travel the world supporting your country - and your spouse.

According to international protocol, the spouse always stands on the left side of the ambassador. But according to this spouse, they’re always on the right side of the ambassador.

Waste Not Why Not

這是是一個挑戰大家對「環保」的既定觀念的環保節目,點評一些所謂環保,但實質上只有反效果的環保運動。主持人 Nate Maynard 致力於研究再生能源、海洋生態和廢棄物議題。

本節目入選芬蘭國家研發基金 SITRA Fund 的循環經濟解決方案。

Waste Not Why Not

A climate podcast on how not to save the environment. We look at some of the misinformed ways people try to protect the planet, and what we should be doing instead. Hosted by Nature N8 (Nate Maynard), an environmental researcher working on energy, ocean, and waste issues.

Recognized by SITRA Fund as a circular economy solution (2021).
AAAS Annual Meeting media partner (2020, 2021).

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大麻煩不煩 In the weeds


2021 KKBOX 年度 PODCAST 風雲榜「最佳節目主持人」得主

A show on the legality of cannabis and its global industries. Hosted by Zoe Lee, the only cannabis-focused lawyer in Taiwan.

Winner of Best Show Host at the inaugural KKBOX Podcast Awards in Taiwan (2021).

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The Taiwan Take

這是是一個專門討論臺灣時事的訪談性英文節目, 以「縱觀世界議題,以臺灣觀點論述」為主軸,由記者採訪跨領域專家、名人與來賓等,第一手將臺灣的故事推向國際.


The Taiwan Take

A current affairs interview show on Taiwan and its impact on the world. These are global issues, and this is The Taiwan Take.

Finalist for Best News Podcast at the Excellent Journalism Award (Taiwan, 2020).

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Metalhead Politics 政治重金屬

From Freddy Lim, vocalist of the metal band Chthonic and a member of parliament in Taiwan, and Emily Y. Wu, co-founder of Ghost Island Media, this is Metalhead Politics: a podcast on music, politics, and Taiwan. A co-production of Chthonic and Ghost Island Media. A Middag project.

《政治重金屬》,閃靈主唱 Freddy 與鬼島之音 Emily 一起聊政治、音樂、台灣。

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小鬼登島 In Training

這是鬼島之音特別企劃,由菜鳥實習生獨挑大梁的 Podcast 節目。

小鬼們將挑戰 24 小時生出一集 Podcast!從企劃,主持,錄音,剪接,發佈,封面設計等等,不假他人之手,通通「靠自己」從頭到尾一手包辦!內容五花八門,菜鳥實習生會帶給我們什麼驚喜呢?快來聽聽看吧!

A podcast made by Ghost Island Media interns.

Updated weekly. Each intern will produce her own episodes: from concept to scripting, recording, editing, publishing, marketing, and even down to theme song picking and cover designing - whatever you can think of in creating a new show - they’re doing it on their own.

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小鬼登島 In Training

TIDF (Taiwan International Documentary Festival) is a premiere film event in Asia focusing on global docs with social and human interests. Founded in 1998, it’s now organized by the Taiwan Film Institute.

The 2021 festival will run from April 30th to May 9th, where more than 130 films will be screened. This podcast is produced by TIDF and goes behind the scenes to introduce the films, the directors and the works featured each year.

TIDF 台灣國際紀錄片影展

台灣國際紀錄片影展,強調獨立觀點、創意精神與人文關懷,鼓勵對紀錄片美學的思考與實驗,是亞洲歷史悠久,也最重要的紀錄片影展之一。2018年起開設 podcast,帶領觀眾輕鬆走遍影展精彩單元及活動,與觀眾共度紀錄時光。

►2021台灣國際紀錄片影展 ►►4.30-5.09