Dos Salidas(一年的告白)

Dos Salidas(一年的告白)


Finalist, 2022 Best New Podcast, KKBOX Awards, Taiwan

The first audio-documentary podcast in Taiwan - a family story about love, being an immigrant, and cancer.

In March 2020, MISH was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was told she had one year left to live. Her daughter, DOREEN, began a journey of recording their conversations and documenting their relationship. This is a 12-month documentation about how endings can provide an opportunity for repair and reconciliation.

Dos Salidas is Spanish for two exits or two beginnings. 'Salidas' is also one of the first steps in Argentine tango - a shared passion between the mother and daughter duo.

台灣第一部紀錄片式 Podcast,耗時一年錄製:在告別以前,先跟彼此告白。

2020 年,世界因為疫情蔓延而日日在面對「別離」;2020 年,同時也是《一年的告白》中的主角 Mish(母親)面對突如其來的癌症第四期診斷的時刻。根據醫生的預估,Mish 只剩下一年的生命。

Doreen(女兒)決定面對自己從小到大與母親之間的關係,以 Podcast 的方式紀錄下與母親的對話,同時,解開所有埋藏在心的「結」,爬梳所有難題,將纏繞母女關係之「結」透過對話,梳理的平平整整,這是一檔關於和解、別離、女性與愛的故事。

由《孤味》導演許承傑、《日常對話》製作人李嘉雯、牽猴子行銷總監王師擔任顧問團,全季剪輯則是由入圍 2020 金鐘獎戲劇類節目剪輯獎的潘客印擔任,前導預告由參與多部電影、電視的聲音後期製作之大師級人物周震擔任混音師。

An audio documentary from Ghost Island Media.

PODCAST 製作、出品團隊:
鬼島之音 Ghost Island Media

導演 Director|Doreen Wang 
監製 Executive Producer / 製作人 Producer|吳怡慈 Emily Y. Wu
監製 Executive Producer / 製作人 Producer|許蓓真 Cathy Hsu
編導 Scripting | 潘客印 KeYin Pan, 許蓓真 Cathy Hsu, Doreen Wang
主角 Featuring|Doreen Wang, Mish Liang Hsu

剪接 Editing|酷映有影工作室 Key In Films
剪接師 Editor | 潘客印 KeYin Pan, 劉盈瑞 Ray Liou
剪接助理 Assistant Editor | 林昱嘉 Xavier Lin

執行製作 Production Coordinator | 劉冠谷 Trevor Liu
行銷統籌 PR & Marketing | 陳慧穎 Sun Chen
平面視覺設計 Art Design | 古明萱 Kumi Ku

顧問團隊 Consultants:
《孤味》導演 許承傑 Joseph Hsu
《日常對話》製作人 李嘉雯 Diana Chiawen Lee
牽猴子行銷總監 王師 Wang Shih

影片協力團隊:LUCKYSPARKS + Gazing Element
導演 Director|陳亨利 Henry Chen, 周抱樸 Paul Chu
監製|陳查理 Charlie Chen
製作人 | 江修杉 Johnny Chiang
影像製作 Visual Effects & Animation | Finger and Toe
動畫導演 Animation Director | 張超傑 Jack Chang
剪接 | 周抱樸 Paul Chu
影片版預告混音 | 周震 Chou Cheng
後期製片 Post-Production Producer | 吳珮瑜 Sunny Wu

音樂 Music By:純粹探戈樂團 Orquesta Siempre Tango



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Doreen Wang

Daughter - Doreen Wang

Daughter - Doreen Wang

A Taiwanese American artist from New York / New Jersey; Commonplace Podcast producer; part of the inaugural cohort of Spotify USA's Sound Up accelerator program for podcast creators.
Mish Liang Hsu

Mother - Mish Liang Hsu

Mother - Mish Liang Hsu

Born in the Pescadores Islands along the western coast of Taiwan. Immigrated to the U.S. in the early 80's. Now runs a dance studio in Taipei.